Danish Modern Furniture – Are You Passionate?

Danish Modern Furniture
I am passionate about Danish Modern Furniture. I have spent the last ten years collecting many wonderful pieces that grace my home today. Whether you are here today because you share this passion or have been told to find information and pieces for a movie or theater set, doesn’t really matter. You have arrived because you need to find something about the Danish Modern style. If you are seeking information alone, you will find a lot of it here so read on. If you are like me and want to buy and own some of this beautiful history, then you will find them here. The link below will take you directly to my Danish Modern Furniture for sale page. If you are trying to find vintage or reproductions this is where you should start.

What Is Danish Modern Furniture?

If you have seen the Brady Bunch then you have seen Danish or Mid Century modern furniture. It was prevalent during the 1940’s-1960’s but has been one of the most enduring styles to ever be produced. When you think retro you almost always think Danish Modern. Most of the Danish mid century pieces were constructed of teak. This made the furniture very strong and resistant to denting and scratching. Many of the vintage pieces that I have acquired have held up astonishingly well compared to other styles of that era.

Replicas Or Vintage Danish Modern?

From a collectors point of view it is obvious that the vintage pieces would be sought exclusively, but for decorating many of the replicas will work nicely. If you can find vintage pieces in good condition though it will be a great investment as the construction will last a lifetime. The replicas come in a huge variety of quality and looks, just make sure that the materials are top of the line and don’t include plastic in place of wood. Also make sure that cushion material is made from strong fiber for wear-ability.
Garage sales, estate sales and online auctions these are the places that I have found the best vintage pieces. Most of the time I use online auctions as this is the easiest way to search and acquire the best deals. About eighty percent of my collection has been purchased on online auctions. I also go to several estate sales a year and have made some great buys as well.

There are other places to get mid century modern information as well. Just do a Google search for the term above. Finding danish teak furniture can take some time. but in the end you will find some wonderful pieces to add to your collection.

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eichler January 1, 2010 at 8:35 am

I agree that online auctions can be a great place to find original MCM furniture however the only challenge is that there are frequently other “modern-minded” buyers also looking for the same thing which tends to drive up the prices.

We’ve had our best luck at garage sales followed by Craigslist.

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